My mission is to promote our association by engaging our members and community through the VALUE our REALTOR organization offers. 

  • To ENGAGE our members with powerful programs and services
  • To ELEVATE our members professionalism and to lead by example
  • To IMPACT our members and the communities we serve by advocacy and alliances
  • To INNOVATE and to be bold with our ideas, tools, and services.

Why Me?


We must continue to advocate for private property rights and common-sense legislation. It is important that we create and lobby for legislation that protects our profession and the consumers we serve. Educating our members on how to achieve this should be first, and that will create a lifetime commitment to RPAC. It is something we all need to do, but often, most do not understand why. As a Golden R President Circle member and a National Association of REALTORS® Hall of Fame member, I will continue to invest in the top priorities of our association and lead by example.


NC REALTORS is the sixth largest association across the nation. Professionalism in our industry is key to the success of each of us individually, and as a whole. It is why we need to lead by example. We must hold ourselves accountable before we can be a professional to our clients. Education and awareness of our importance to the industry and to our clients is key. We must utilize C2EX, the Code of Ethics, and our societies and councils to continuously advance our profession. This is an ongoing commitment that needs to stay at the forefront. I promise to make sure North Carolina continues to be the leader in professionalism and to look for new and innovative ways to challenge our members to be better.

Value Proposition

We need to reestablish our value proposition to our members and local boards. Most cannot articulate what they are paying for or paying into. I promise to provide a detailed summary and create a program to contact our members and boards consistently. Also, I promise to create a sounding board for suggestions in areas where changes may be needed. I promise to partner with our Brokers & local boards to establish open dialogue and create programs that continue to meet their needs and help them succeed.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is something we lobby for every year but are we getting anywhere? Affordable Housing is an enormous problem that needs to be addressed through advocacy. There needs to be accountability, or we need to change the dynamics of our environment to effect change. I promise in my candidacy year to collaborate with President Wendy Harris to chair a presidential advisory group to assess different options.We will explore innovative methods and engage industries, communities, government and members to affect real creative solutions.



We will continue to bridge the gap between our Residential and Commercial members. There is a disconnect between our Residential and Commercial members and it is time to listen to both sides, and to develop solutions. As the pandemic changed our way of doing business overnight, we need to assist our commercial family with an unknown market ahead. I promise to partner with our commercial members and create a program that empowers all.

Economic Development & Global

From the work that NC REALTORS has done in this field we have recognized the importance of international relationships. Those relationships help fuel our economy and our profession. We must ensure our collaboration with state and local governments, economic development partners as well as our international counterparts, are grown to foster a strong ecosystem. We will stay consistent and learn about the opportunities we have and make sure our international partners think of North Carolina as being the only choice. I will continue to create and make available opportunities with these partners.

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